The Technology

WISE technology empowers your customers to save money, reduce waste, and control their energy usage. It works by allowing them to store energy from the grid or renewables to use later when they need it. They can also monitor and manage their energy usage to identify opportunities to reduce waste. In addition, WISE technology integrates smart devices through a vendor-neutral hub so your customers can control them through their mobile device or computer.

IoT Controller

WISE Controller

The WISE Controller (Patent No: US 9,559,522) is the Internet of Things solution to your customers' power distribution needs. It sends and receives signals from smart devices; measures electric output at each outlet; and measures electric demand from appliances as well as HVAC units, electronic devices, light fixtures, and all other loads on a building’s electric grid. The WISE Contoller can track your customers' energy usage, send alerts and notifications, and provide energy saving suggestions through any mobile device or computer.

IoT Storage

WISE Power On Demand (POD)

The WISE POD (Patent No: US 9,348,384) controls, directs, harnesses, and disburses through a storage product system. This storage technology creates a microgrid to provide power to buildings while connecting them to the Smart Grid through the integrated WISE Controller.

The WISE POD stores electricity using a series-tied lithium ion battery bank combined with an ultra-capacitor bank. Customers can integrate the system with alternative energy sources including solar, wind, and other intermittent renewables. The system can also charge electric vehicles and swap power with them.