Master Licensees

World Map WISE will be auctioning off Master Licensee rights to manufacture and sell our patented technology. Initial bid acceptance will provide the Master Licensee holder with the exclusive rights to develop, manufacture, and sell the patented technology for 5 years to be renewed as agreed upon by WISE and the Master Licensee after the initial five-year contract. WISE is accepting bids for Master Licenses in the following geographic areas: South America, Europe, India, Oceania, Africa, Asia, and Middle East.

WISE will be retaining the right to manufacture, distributed, and sell in North America. WISE has established a timeline for contracting with Master Licensees, based on an expected six-month development process for product hardware and software prototype development.

What You Receive as a WISE Master Licensee

  • Exclusive rights to manufacture WISE technology within your geographical territory
  • Exclusive rights to sell, distribute, and install WISE technology within your geographical territory
  • Training and resulting certification on how to implement energy storage solutions coupled with Internet of Things (IoT) technology for your customers
  • Education on the technical details of WISE technology as well as how it provides secure authentication to protect your customers
  • Marketing materials to help you communicate the benefits of WISE technology to your customers
  • Integration between your proprietary software and WISE technology