How an Intelligent Energy Storage System Benefits Homeowners

How an Intelligent Energy Storage System Benefits Homeowners

Posted: 2016.09.16

By: Kevin Williams

Categories: Money Savings

There are many home energy storage products available in the market, and each lets you store electricity in a battery to use later on. However, these products can’t show you how you’re consuming electricity or let you direct how it’s used in your home as with an intelligent energy storage solution.

This type of system allows you to see your energy consumption at a granular level including how much electricity is used by each individual switch, plug-in, and appliance in your home. It also allows you to program the exact amount of electricity you use each day as part of your lifestyle to reduce waste. Here are some of the benefits you can receive with an intelligent home energy system:

Lower electricity bills

An intelligent energy home energy storage system allows you to be strategic in how you use your electricity for your home. Without it, your switches, outlets, and appliances have electricity directed to them whether they’re in use or not, which wastes electricity and drives up your bills. By controlling how much electricity your home uses, you’re minimizing waste and optimizing your home’s energy efficiency. The best part is that an intelligent system eventually pays for itself and then turns a profit over time.

Better energy usage habits

As you monitor your home’s energy consumption with your intelligent energy storage system, you’ll see that there are small behavioral changes your family can make that will lead to lowered electricity bills. This can be as simple as making it a priority to turn the lights off when you leave a room, or buying lower watt bulbs and directing less energy to their plugin outlets. Once you have your household’s energy consumption data in front of you, it will be easy to see how you can change your behaviors to reduce waste and increase the heft of your wallet.

Increased home value

Your home will be more valuable because of the difference that an intelligent home energy storage system makes. That’s because the lowered electricity bills combined with the ability to measure and modify your home’s electricity usage creates a unique benefit. If you decide to sell your home or plan to do so in the future, then an intelligent system sets it apart and gives you an advantage in the housing market.

Home energy storage is quickly becoming an everyday reality for homeowners. However, the only way to fully benefit from storing energy is to have a system that allows you to use it intelligently. That’s why having an intelligent home energy storage system is a smart choice for a smart home and a smart homeowner.